Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Twitter Exceeds NY Times - Marketers should follow new models

The following quote appeared in today's SmartBrief eNewsletter: "...I will mention in passing that the CEO of Reuters spoke out last night, raising the question of why does the Times still need 6-700 journalists? Tom Glocer, chief executive of Thomson Reuters, is quoted by Gillian Reagan of the New York Observer, as arguing that newspapers like The Times should trim costs and focus their coverage. “That view that ‘I am The New York Times and I do everything’—I think that’s not the best way to run a newspaper,” he said. Meanwhile, Tweet by Tweet, asuming Compete has its data trends right, that little bird is fluttering right past The Times on the web’s list of top sites, and you might say, leaving the old business modelers wondering, “What exactly was that thing that just blew by us, anyway? A bird, a plane, or…”

Media is changing. Models are changing. Marketers should experiement with these formats to learn what works for their own brands. Ultimately, for marketers, return on investment from these new media tools will require new marketing tactics rather than old tactics applies to new media.

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Mike Behr said...

I've just started Tweeting to see what all the fuss is about and how to use this new tool. My initial thoughts before experimenting was that it was only useful as a marketing tool (as opposed to a fun social networking tool) was that it was only useful if you had some following or celebrity status. Some respected marketing friends of mine told me that if you have cause, or are looking to drive awareness to another site it can be useful.
We'll see