Monday, April 06, 2009

Brand managers triumph on Trump

Any fans of The Apprentice out there? I don't watch regularly but happening to see the last half of the show on Sunday evening. Social media has infiltrated reality TV. Very strange. Two teams are challenged by Trump to create a viral commercial for All dishwash detergent. Both teams fail miserably based on the judging of the brand marketing team for All. One team took a "tease them with sex puns" apporach while the other used a "be outrageous" approach. Is this really the answer to going viral on social networks? If so, marketing has devolved. Neither team focused on their targetg audience of middle income Moms. If viral marketing is only about being juvenile then the tactic will be short-lived. Thank goodness that All brand team was smart enough to reject both videos. Trump went on to fire 2 people instead of 1 this week. The lesson for marketers (if there was one) is that social media doesn't mean abandoning your brand personality or brand standards. Return on marketing investment may be achievable in social media, but not at the expense of core brand principles.

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mike behr said...

Amen brother!
Mike Behr