Thursday, May 08, 2008

Marketing Benefits the Community

Today's Post is a bit of a diversion from our core topic, but still an observation of Marketing. I was in attendance at a local awards ceremony last evening where organizations were being honored for programs that represent collaboration to enhance the local community. It was great that four recipients were a collaborative client team that I've worked with, but what influenced me as I listened and learned about what various organizations were doing for the local community, was that it reinforced a fundamental belief that there is a great deal of good to done in the world. And, importantly, the marketing professionals can and do play an important role in many of these achievements. As I listened, I was encouraged by the passion and commitment demonstrated by the individuals who comprise these collaborative efforts. So, my message to everyone today is that while marketing may often be demonized and, at times may be used for less than honorable goals by less than honorable people, marketing can and is often applied for the betterment of consumers and citizens. Go Marketing!

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