Monday, May 05, 2008

Will brand personalization generate profit?

Interesting comments are popping up in the marketing literature regarding the advent of personalization of brands. This trend has been growing over the past several years and has become more prominent as technology permits efficient implementation of persoanalization. Jim Holbrook, CEO of eMak, summarized the shift toward personalization of brands in a recent eMak e-mail, saying "Now its about brands conforming to consumer preferences, rather than consumers being conformists." In other words, why wear an Izod logo shirt or a Nike cap, when you can personalize your blue jeans to your exact style and size, wear a personalized cologne, and create your own pizza combination (including naming and posting the pizza combination for others to view)?

As consumer marketers, this trend toward personalizing the brand experience is exhilirating because of the many marketing opportunities that it creates (can't you feel the energy of the agency creative teams buzzing on this topic?), but care must be taken to ensure that both short and long-term ROI can be generated from impact of personalizing the brand. Can it be achieved? Yes. But not in every instance. Marketers should evaluate the cost structures implicit in personalization and ensure that the consumer response will justify the operational impact. Ask whether the personalization of the brand permits the brand to command a premium in the marketplace.

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Good Cheap Wine Guide said...

If most people who designed their own shirts did so with the same results as when they designed their myspace page...the world is better off with more Izods on the street.