Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Marketing ROI: Don't Talk to Strangers

One of the most basic lessons from childhood applies to internet marketing strategies as well as how to behave as a kid. Remember being told "Don't talk to strangers?" Apply this lesson to your internet marketing strategies to generate increased ROI. Collecting visitor and customer data is important to help segment your audience and then communicate effectively to each segment, and personalizing your communications will generate an even stronger conversion rate. Aberdeen Group has validated this in a recent study, concluding that personalization improves response and is an effective tool used by best-of-class marketers. So, get to know your site visitors, invite them into the site, capture user data, and communicate with these visitors in a way that reflects and demonstrates an understanding of their needs. This will result in increased conversion rates and improved ROI. In short, talk to your audience and don't talk to strangers.

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