Friday, November 30, 2007

Top 10 Marketing Trends - Another List for 2008

Everyone's got to have one. Here's mine. It's brief.

In no particular order, watch these trends in 2008:
10. Mobile Marketing. We're still in the experimentation mode. Look for more advanced promotional marketing, and movement beyond the test and learn stage. Cellfire has been doing some cool promotions - I tried it just to prove to my teenagers that I could download a coupon on my cell and get a free burger...

9. Green. Continued enthusiasm for a green world. See earlier post on Sustainability and the Spiral of Expectations.

8. Creativity. It's time to get creativity back in our marketing programs. Not just great creative (the art) but creativity as marketers, bringing new approaches and ideas to the market. There's so much untapped potential with the capabilities marketers have today versus just a few short years ago. Let's make s--t happen!

7. Investment Thinking. Marketing measurement is ready to hit the mainstream and move beyond lip service. Of course, this is a theme of this Blog so of course I believe this to be true. It's not that creativity doesn't matter - it matters a lot. But as a means to an end, and the end must be measurable.

6. Mass Is Dead. We've all heard it. It's true. The writer's strike, if it lasts, will be the proof. No one will miss network or even major cable shows after a while.

5. Direct is Alive. Online or offline, direct connection with consumers is where the action will be. The ability to converse with your customer in a 1:1 opt-in world is like finding a haystack full of needles.

4. Integrate. Integration of marketing processes into the selling process. Integration of all marketing element from strategy through execution, across media, web, promotion, packaging, etc.. It's all about marketing systems. Connect the dots so it all makes sense, then measure every step.

3. Narrowcast. Such a cool trend. Micro-media networks are like micro-breweries. You may not always like the taste, but you have to experience them. Look for targeted messaging to grow rapidly as networks expand and begin to appear in places you've never thought of -- how about your local bank or dry cleaner?

What, no #2 or #1? I told you I'd try to keep it short. And leaving out #1 and #2 might spark your own creativity. What else will happen in 2008?

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