Thursday, July 05, 2007

iPhone Marketing

It will be interesting to follow the marketing of the iPhone and competitive products over the coming months. I took at look at the iPhone more than once this past week, including the first evening that it went on sale. Lots of great features, although my wife calls it just another gadget. It's pricey, but it should be as a first entrant. Is is really a first entrant? I think so. The combination of multiple functions with the level of integration and the new functional features is enough to consider it new. Pricing should be at a premium to capture the demand. Scale is essential, but there has been enough (too much!) pre-launch hype to generate significant early adopter demand. Over time, will Apple bring price down to compete with other new entries? Perhaps, but I wouldn't expect that any time soon. The partnerships created between wireless providers and software developers to create competitors will also be an interesting strategic marketing scenario to watch as it unfolds.

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