Monday, June 04, 2007

Sustainability and Spiral of Expectations

The "Greening" of consumable products will be subject to the same spiral of expectations described on Marketing Witz.
Marketing Witz: Marketing Witz: Spiral of Expectations. As companies race to make Green claims, consumers will increasingly expect performance in the area of environmental performance and sustainability. What today appeals to companies as a claim of competitive advantage will be but a cost of entry claim tomorrow. As consumers are increasingly educated on the issues surrounding sustainability, companies that pose by making inflated claims will be caught in the glare of consumer headlights. Companies must think and act at least one to two iterations ahead (or more!) of the curve. If a company chooses to make compelling envrionmental product claims, they must also make claims at the company level (How can the brand be environmentally friendly and support sustainability if the corporate entity cannot?) Forward thinking businesses will be aware of the spiral of expectations as applied to environmental consumer issues.

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