Friday, May 11, 2007

How to Think of Sports Leagues as Brands

Sports leagues as Brands have changed dramatically over the years. It's interesting to consider the major sports leagues as competing brands chasing the dollars spent by sports fans across the country, and internationally. The National Hockey League has struggled for years to grow out being a distant fourth to the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Truth be told, it's actually a distant 5th because NASCAR has been a high growth brand for many years and continues to gain loyal consumers (fans). The NFL is a share leader while the NBA has seemingly declined from being a shining star. The NBA has let its brand equity slide by allowing its product image to become tarnished. The NFL has been on the verge of the same thing. MLB has its struggles maintaining a strong brand equity as it faces the imminent prospect of Mr. Bonds hitting #755.

As you sit and enjoy your next game on TV, consider the strength of league as a brand.

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